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Single Session

Could your family do with support in a specific area? 

Do you recognize what situation(s) needs adjusting but can't identify how to do that effectively? 

Choose the Single Session if you: 

  • Have a specific question that you want to work with

  • Want to look at your situation from a different perspective

  • Are searching for tips to deal with day-to-day parenting

  • Need a professional to actively listen to your experiences and identify what already goes well so that you can implement working strategies in other situations

  • Want to bounce off a professional coach and experience a boost in the rollercoaster that parenting can sometimes feel like

The Single Session takes a maximum of an hour and will be held virtually (Google Meet) or in person.

You also get a report of your session so that you can read back what we have discussed.



*Read the terms and conditions and for the terms that apply

Thank you for submitting, speak to you soon!

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