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Child Coaching


In addition to Parent Coaching, I offer the option where I coach your child. I use several methods to connect to your child. Contact me for more information, I look forward to thinking along in which (combination of) services fit your situation best. 

You choose for the Child Coaching option when:

  • Your child displays aggressive, withdrawn, fearful or insecure behaviour, and / or shows signs of low self esteem

  • You feel your child is in need of a chat with somebody outside of your family so they don't feel afraid of hurting anyone's feelings.

  • When your family is going through a rough patch and you feel it would benefit your child if they receive individual attention from a professional who helps them on their way to recognize, feel and regulate their emotions.

In consultation with your child, I can share any insights or identified issues in a session with you as parent(s). Depending on the age of your child, they may be present during such a parent coaching session. 

It is my professional and personal experience that a holistic approach to any issues that may arise in the upbringing of your children, is the most rewarding and durable.

For this reason I offer child coaching in combination with either a Single Session or the Balanced Parenting Package






*Read the terms and conditions for the terms that apply

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