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Myrthe Atkinson

Your Parent + Coach


Myrthe as Pedagogical Professional:

After completing my education Social Pedagogical Carer, I have been working in Childcare since 2009. 

My passion for following the development of children and the collaboration with their parents to create a warm pedagogical environment, lead me to pursue and complete the Bachelor of Arts - Educational Theory with distinction. 

Since 2017 I have been working as pedagogical coach and manager in (international) Childcare.

Myrthe as a Person:

I am a native Dutch speaker and have a daughter of my own, Riga. Together with my English husband David, I raise her bilingually. 

A combination of my experience, theoretical knowledge and personality makes that I quickly get to the core of a situation. This ability helps me in my work as pedagogical professional, coach and person in recognizing and keeping situations under control.

I think it is important that the people I interact with feel seen by me, of which I make sure by being attentive and listen actively. 

It is my experience that personal growth, because of wanted and unwanted feedback, can really hurt. What's left of you afterwards however, is the core that you can build the rest of your life on! This is the starting point in the way I coach others. 

Getting through the initial growing pain together to get to durable results, instead of suffering chronically because of unspecified feelings and thoughts that prohibit your (family)life to thrive. 

Myrthe's Vision:

Parenthood creates an extra layer in your being. The care and responsibility you take upon you, can cause you to feel overwhelmed and in need of support. 

And sometimes, you just want your child to stay in bed after bedtime, or that your children tidy their room when you ask them to do so, or that they stop asking for something when you have given an answer.  

As Parent + Coach, I support families in finding ways that work for them to deal with recognizable and less recognizable situations that can occur in raising children.  

I believe that coaching can only be durable when we get to the core of what needs changing, which has often proven to be a painful process. 

Allowing and experiencing all feelings that may arise, provide the basis of building new routines and creating new patterns in behaviour. 

Your child(ren) will follow your new lead, so I find it very important that you are supported to the extend that you feel you have a clear heading.

Because after every session I send you the notes of what has been discussed, you have something to fall back on to ensure durable results and implementation in your family life. 

Invest in your family, invest in yourself. Find your Plus!

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