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Balanced Parenting Package

Do you really want to get started with effectively implementing your parental skills? Are your good intentions not sufficient when talking to your child? Do you sometimes feel that you can't connect to your child the way you want? 

Choose the Balanced Parenting Package if you:

  • Sometimes don't know which way to turn

  • After an argument with your child often think 'I didn't want to react so angrily' or 'I didn't mean to shout'

  • Are actively searching for a connection with your child in their current developmental state 

  • Want to enjoy daily activities again, instead of constant fighting

  • Are experiencing feelings of frustration and despair

  • Want support in finding durable strategies that get you the results you want to achieve

  • Do not want to repeat certain patterns from your own upbringing, yet still notice you sound like your mom or dad from time to time

To warrant a durable result, the package contains the following services over the duration of 3 months:​

  • A virtual intake (Google Meet) of max. 60 minutes at the start where we highlight what you want support in and formulate a plan

  • 3 Moments of observation at your house 

  • 8 Virtual consults of max. 60 minutes. In the weeks of the observations, we do not have a virtual consult

  • 12 Reports of all contact moments to read back what we have discussed and what has been observed

  • I answer your emails with possible questions within 48 hours

What would you be willing to invest to gain a durable balance in the way you parent?












*Read the terms and conditions for the terms that apply

Thank you for submitting, speak to you soon!

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