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No Taboo Session

There seems to be a taboo on a lot of topics which are very relevant to the way we parent. 

One of these taboos is talking about the ambivalent or negative feelings parents experience after childbirth.

The way we bring our child into this world is one of the factors that determine how we start our new role as parents. If giving birth and/or the time with your baby has not been what you expected, or even downright hard and depressing, this is something that deserves to be addressed in order for your family to move forwards. For you and for your child. 

I warmly invite you to contact me for a coaching session where you can share your experience. Together we will identify how your experience influences your parenting and find what you need to be the parent you want to be. 

This Session takes a maximum of an hour and will be held virtually (Google Meet) or in person.

You also get a report of your session so that you can read back what we have discussed.










*Read the terms and conditions for the terms that apply. 

Thank you for submitting, speak to you soon!

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