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Support for parents and their children in the age of 0-13 years

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I have had the opportunity to work together with the DelftMama Blog team to contribute my blog. 


Support for Parents

Invest in your family

And don't we know we need it from time to time. 

Public meltdowns, screen time arguments, feelings of uncertainty and sometimes even guilt.

And these are on top of all the challenges parenthood brings in general. 

I am Myrthe Atkinson, Pedagogue and Parent + Coach, and I specialize in coaching parents towards becoming the parent they want to be, now. 

Let's work together to discover how unwanted patterns have grown over time and what your family needs to thrive again. 


I offer Single Sessions, the 'No-Taboo-session', the Balanced Parenting Package and Child Coaching Sessions. Find my rates for these services on the Pricing Page

I am also available for virtual Sessions with clients abroad!

Contact me if you have any questions about my services, or the options of a customized approach. I am more than happy to think along!

Single Session Review

Our session with Myrthe was a very positive experience. She took time to talk to us and get to know our child (4yrs), asking follow-up questions. We found it easy to chat and Myrthe made a good connection even over video call.

She made suggestions about how to connect in a positive way with our child based on his interests and personality, which I found very valuable. It helped to see some of the potential reasons behind the behaviour and have some advice for how to approach it differently. We have successfully tried her various suggestions with our son. We found that altering the way we approached some things really made a difference and made life in our house calmer and more fun!

We would highly recommend Myrthe to international and Dutch parents seeking some input on their child’s behaviour.

Sophie and Phil Vardon

Moeder en kind op strand

Balanced Parenting Package Review


When I knocked on Myrthe's door for help, I was burned out because my son (5yrs) did not sleep through the night, I had trouble getting my son to follow instructions and found it difficult to help regulate his emotions.

I read books, sought advice from the child health clinic and a psychologist to learn how to guide my son in regulating his emotions. The theory was sometimes contradictory and often (in my opinion) puts the blame on the child.


Myrthe's approach was completely different. She observed the interaction between me and my son in practical situations and asked good questions and did exercises with me to make me aware of patterns.

The sessions were sometimes quite confronting, but I always had the feeling that Myrthe created a safe space through which I felt comfortable being vulnerable and looking honestly at myself as a mother.

This gave me the courage to continue in situations where I previously had no idea. My son now sleeps through the night (HOORAY) and for a child his age he has made great progress in controlling his emotions and according to his teacher can remember more instructions than his peers in class. I now have more energy and have learned to communicate honestly and clearly and to look ahead.


Myrthe's coaching has been a real help and has increased the quality of our family life.


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