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Connecting to your child on multiple levels 2

You wonder how to get your child talking, since you often get a “Yes”, “No”, or “I don’t know”. It is worth to ask yourself the question when the last time was you shared your feelings or how you felt with your child. We need to keep age-appropriate sharing of feelings in mind while we give our children the example that talking about how we feel goes both ways.

Take 1 Connecting through questions

Parent: “How was school?”

Child: “Fine.”

Take 2 Connecting through questions

Parent: “Hey, I’m happy to see you. I see spots of paint on your pants, what have you been up to today?”

Child: “Hi mom, we painted in art class.”

Parent: “That sounds nice, I see you painted something red?”

Child: “Yes, we made autumn leaves today. I used loads of colours.”

Parent: “That sounds nice, I already see you worked hard. I look forward to the result!”

Take 2.2 Connecting through questions

Parent: “Hey, I’m happy to see you. I’m happy I got here on time; it was crazy busy on the roads.”

Child: “Hi mom, that’s a shame.”

Parent: “At least I had my favourite playlist in the car. What was the worst part of your day?”

Child: “I guess not being able to go outside because it rained very hard.”

Parent: “Hmm, I see. Sitting inside all day can be frustrating. What was the best part of your day?”

Child: “Playing games with my friends, although one child wasn’t there.”

Parent: “What happened?”

Child: “She hurt her leg in the weekend so she couldn’t come in today.”

Parent: “O my, what do you think of this?”

Child: “I feel sorry for her, we started making a get-well card at school. Can we visit her?”

Parent: “That’s a nice idea, I’ll ask her parents when would be good for them.”

I am happy to help your family out in improving communication and really connect to your children. Contact me and book your session!

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